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    March 9 - 26, 2017
    Severson Theatre
    This award-winning play is most appropriate for adults due to its adult language and mature themes.

    Children under 5 are not admitted into the theatre.
    Pay What You Can Performance
    Sun., March 12, 1:30pm
    The Whipping Man
    By Matthew Lopez
    Generously sponsored by
    Tim Bennett
    Plunge into the heart-wrenching chaos of war-torn Richmond. It’s April, 1865, the Civil War is over and throughout the south, slaves are being freed, soldiers are returning home and in Jewish homes, the annual celebration of Passover is being celebrated. Young Confederate officer Caleb DeLeon, returns home, severely wounded, to find it in ruins and abandoned, save for two former slaves, Simon and John. While the three men await their family’s return, they wrestle with their shared past and the bitter irony of Jewish slave-owning. As the sun sets on Passover, Simon - having adopted the religion of his masters - prepares a humble Seder to observe the ancient celebration of the freeing of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. But not even this tradition can sooth the pain of their enslavement, cover the deep-buried secrets from the past, or prepare them for the reality of the new world in which they find themselves.
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    The Whipping Man
    Severson Theatre
    March 9 - 26, 2017
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    Santa Maria Performance Times
    1:30pm 7pm 1:30 & 7pm

    Pay What You Can Performance
    Sun., March 12, 1:30pm
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    Scenic Designer
    Costume Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Sound Designer
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    Cast of Characters
    Antwon D. Mason Jr.
    * Actors' Equity Association
    Business Office
    805 928-7731
    Box Office
    805 922-8313