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Welcome from the Artistic Director and Managing Director

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Welcome to Pacific Conservatory Theatre!

Conservators protect, for future cultivation, a fledgling life as it develops the deep roots and thick skin to make it on its own. Conservators do this as an act of faith, knowing there is something vital and verdant worth preserving and growing. A hope for a better tomorrow. As storytellers, we are intrinsically hopeful, and hopefully available and attuned to the stories around us. We’re awake, sensitive and inclined to empathy. For many of us in the community the constant assault upon our hearts and minds by exposure to so much round-the-clock travail and loss in our world can feel overwhelming.
The climate change in the natural world, the cultural ‘climate changes’ in our lives, relationships and communities can feel so big that, unless we have the means to broaden our vision and inspire our hope, can cower us into despair. Art, art-making and art-partaking can be an important part of bringing balance, insight and hope into our stress crowded lives. I’m hopeful that you’ll be enjoying and appreciating some of that today!

Artists turn dreams into visions, and visions into action. The theatre is the means by which, by intuition and discipline, we affirmatively encounter life’s challenges through story. We are engineers in steel and in spirit. We are constructing bridges between people. Sometimes it’s grand and heralded with timpani and trumpet, but usually it’s just quietly, determinedly showing up for work – surveying the environs and horizons, working the plan, footing the foundation, laying the rebar, mixing the concrete. Or, in a more agrarian vein, planting the seed. Sometimes planting the seed for the proverbial ‘tree under whose shade we will not sit.’ Investing in putting things together that time (and thermodynamics), or apathy, or evil, might otherwise pull apart, for better future. Our vehicle is story; fabricated from the raw and refined materials of our very selves – body, mind, spirit. Working together with your imaginary forces, we methodically and optimistically work at building up what is burned down or torn down or falls down, and we do our building in mediums of the ineffable, that can never fall or burn or fade.

We hope you’ll find the plays edifying and enjoyable!
Jennifer Schwartz

Managing Director
Mark Booher

Artistic Director/Associate Dean

Mission Statement

PCPA is a professional conservatory theatre, committed to reflecting and transforming our diverse community with the art of live theatre.

We believe that the theater has a vital role and responsibility in the community to enrich cultural literacy and improve the quality of life.

We commit to serving our current audience, cultivating our future audience and training the next generation of theatre professionals.

We aspire to adhere to the best theatrical traditions and to set new standards of excellent artistry, ethics, and professional practice for the future of the theatre.
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Box Office
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