Mitchell Hampton – Sound Director

Other Theatres: Gateway Playhouse, The Geffen Playhouse, L.A. Summer Fest at Rivendale, The Hangar Theatre, Georgetown Palace Theatre, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

Teaches: Sound

Training: MFA, California Institute of the Arts; BA, Southwestern University

Teaching Philosophy:

GOALS: My two goals as an educator are to prepare students for the professional art environment and create a safe space for them to develop and learn – both artistically and kinesthetically. Above all else, I want my students to leave my class with a confidence of basic sound skills that they can take with them for any job even if they don’t wind up in a chosen field. I believe instilling early that tardiness and unsafe practices are not tolerated professionally and will not be tolerated in my classroom.
TEACHING: Because of being a sound designer, I enjoy incorporating sound effects into my classroom lessons to emphasize points along with giving students special connection to the materials being taught. Since sound is something that cannot be seen or touched, engaging students can be difficult. Using simple sound effects and having students engage active listening techniques allows a confidence to develop which allows sound to not be so abstract.

As we all know we live in a future age of computers and everything digital. The learning curve for technology has increased exponentially. I believe my students should be exposed to the different equipment and software that is out there so they are knowledgeable when they come out of my classroom. Getting them prepared to work with any assortment of equipment that they may be handed is one of my goals as an educator. This being said, I do not believe in grading a student’s proficiency because of their technological knowledge, but more on their general knowledge of the subject and engagement in their efforts.