Rosh Wright  - Guest Actor

Other Theatres: Brickyard Theatre: Vivian Bearing, W;t; Jody, Anton in Show Business; Mercy Lott, Humble Boy; SLO Little Theatre: Mrs. Watts, The Trip to Bountiful; peasant woman, Incorruptible; Mrs. Graves, Enchanted April;  Prof. EM Ashford, W;t Elizabeth Law, When the Rain Stops Falling. Alsofor the Rep’s Ubu’s Other Shoe:Hannah Arendt, Hannah and Martin; Vivian Bearing, W;t; Rosalind Franklin, Photograph 51; Miss Helen, The Road to Mecca; Marlene, Top Girls; Cathy, The Great God Pan; Eleanor; Rock ’n’ Roll; Central Coast Shakespeare:Friar Lawrence (played as Sister Lauren), Romeo and Juliet

Film: featured, Destination Wedding. 

Training: Dennis Sakamoto (Bay Area); Cuesta College. 

Member of Actors Equity UK (inactive)