Wendy-Marie Martin - Acting Faculty

PCPA (since 1991): Acting: The Wizard of Oz, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cinderella, Into the Woods; Directing, Breaking Through; Playwriting: Luis and the Great Field Trip Adventure.

Other Theatres: Playwriting: Tesseract Theatre Company St. Louis, Atlantic Stage, SkyPilot Theatre Company, Kennedy Center, Mill Mountain Theatre, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, Institute for Contemporary Art Boston, The Tinker, The Spot, The Secret Rose, University of Great Falls, Nipomo High Theatre Company, Overland High School, International School Stuttgart, 72nd Street Lab NYC, Die Simplon, Museum Bochum, Theatrehaus Stuttgart. Directing: Red Eye 10s International Play Festival, Hollins University, SLO Little Theatre, Constantin Schule, Flottmanhallen, and Console Theatre. Acting: Centerpoint Theatre Group, Pismo Light Opera Theatre, Don't Tell Mama's, Die Simplon, Warner Bros. Movie Park Bottrop, Quatsch Comedy Club, Constantin Musik Theatre, SLO Little Theatre, Western Stage, Roosevelt University, The Body Politic.

Other: Co-founder of No Shame Central Coast, Creator & Executive Producer of Red Eye 10s International Play Festival.

Teaches: Theatre History

Training: PCPA (class of 1993); BFA, Marymount Manhattan College; MFA, The Playwright’s Lab at Hollins University.

Teaching Philosophy

"History is for human self-knowledge ... the only clue to what man can do is what man has done. The value of history, then, is that it teaches us what man has done and thus what man is." -R. G. Collingwood

What a gift to return to the place that taught me how to be a theatre artist so many years ago; the place where I learned the true definition of collaboration, discipline and compassion, which have served me as an actor, director, playwright and teacher for over 20 years.

My time at PCPA was challenging, but it taught me how to strive for excellence. It stretched my understanding of myself, as an actor and as a human being. I’m incredibly grateful to return to my artistic home and help guide the next generation of artists as they embark on their own creative journeys.

My goal as a teacher is to unlock each student’s intense desire to learn; to encourage them to ask questions and search for a variety of answers. Theatre artists must be able to access their intellect and creativity at the drop of a hat, all while navigating intense collaborative situations. They need to walk in the shoes of total strangers in order to create and portray honest, believable characters. In order to do this, though, they need to understand what it means to be human, which requires a deep understanding of history, psychology and philosophy as well as the cultural foundation of the character they are being asked to play. Whether a student is writing, directing, designing or performing, they need a compassionate, personal connection to their work.

It is a joy to help students develop into thoughtful, well-informed creative artists prepared to use their training in all aspects of their life. An overview of the dramatic canon gives theatre artists a broader scope of shared knowledge, which opens the door to deeper levels of collaboration. In class we’ll explore dramatic works throughout time. Class discussions will give students the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions and challenge each other to stretch their point of view.

Theatre History is so much more than simply regurgitating dates and vocabulary words. Students will learn to enter the world of the play and experience it as if they were there first hand. They will slip into the minds of playwrights, actors and directors from ancient Greece through the 17th century. Together we will explore the world of each play, including the politics, art, music and architecture of the time period and learn more about ourselves in the process.