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Denise Dumeyer
Denise Dumeyer is certified by the American Society for Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and hold's a Master's Degree in Music from Boston University.  She also has additional certification in "The Art of Breathing" from Jessica Wolf at Yale University.  Formerly a faculty member at Chapman University and California State Universities Long Beach and Fullerton, she remains a guest teacher/lecturer for many universites and organizations.  In addition to teaching the Alexander Technique and Singing, she has enjoyed many awards such as the Metropolitan Opera Encouragement Award.  Formerly a resident singer at the Los Angeles Opera she has also freelanced with many regional Opera Houses throughout the United States and Europe.  She now devotes herself to teaching Singing and the Alexander Technique at PCPA.


My responsibility as a Singing Teacher is to provide a safe environment where the students may explore and experiment with the full range, dynamic and color palette of their own unique singing sound. 

Most importantly, is to create avenues where the voice experiences complete freedom in order to communicate through the medium of music. 

Together, we (teacher/student) gently and persistently shed any residue of self-preconceived notion or unconscious "armoring", It is particularly encouraged, through all styles of music to embrace our weaknesses so that they may become strengths in creating life-long habits that may sustain a strenuous career.