PCPA Actor Training - Resident Faculty
Professional Artists with a Passion to Teach

Evans Eden Jarnefeldt – Actor; Bob Cratchit, A Christmas Carol

PCPA (since 2008): Clown 2, The 39 Steps; Proteus, The Two Gentlemen of Verona; Mullins, Peter Pan; Charles Bingley, Pride and Prejudice; Sydney Bernstein, Curtains; Lieutenant Schrank, West Side Story; Michael, Tender; Don Patricio, Invierno; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Macbeth, The Weir

Other Theatres: Guthrie Theater, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Chautauqua Theater Company, Fugitive Theatre, Bedlam Faction, Shakespeare at Winedale.

Evans Eden Jarnefeldt, The Weir, 2008


At a conservatory, everyday, bodies move, voices fly, hearts stir, and minds tingle.   And it is these motions of the instrument, comingling in every class, from different vantage points that generates transformed artists. 

My work in this transformational process is twofold: stripping away and retooling.  My classroom is a place where listening happens in a way we rarely allow, where response leads to expression we rarely experience, where moments redefine a young artist’s perception of our art. 

In tandem, immediately following, directly proceeding, and on the same breath, my classroom is place where practical methods of stage craft are learned and used.    I am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that a student ends our time together with a written and experientially practiced technique.  

Additionally, my class is a place where conversations begin.  Our students must be able to intelligently converse with other artists on a wide array of techniques.  This will foster the absorption of new tools, ensuring the artist will continue to grow throughout his/her artistic career.