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Young Performers

PCPA is seeking young performers our production of
The Secret Garden


Auditions are Friday, September 10th from 6pm to 9pm
Callbacks are Saturday, September 11th from 1pm to 4pm
The auditions will be held at the Marian Theater on the Allan Hancock College campus.
 870 S. Bradley, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Allan Hancock College and Actors Equity Association require that everyone involved in the production must be fully vaccinated for Covid 19. Parents, guardians, and young performers will need to show proof of vaccination before the first rehearsal on September 28th.
All who are interested in being considered must come to the auditions on September 10th. Some who audition on the 10th will be invited to callbacks on September 11th.
The young actors will be seen in the order that they arrive. Masks are required for all while inside the building. The young performers will take off their mask to sing their prepared song.  
Please prepare approximately 60 seconds of a song from a musical. The song must be memorized.
Please bring sheet music in the correct key. We will provide an accompanist.
Rehearsals start September 28th. We open in the Marian theatre on the Allan Hancock College campus on November 11th and close on December 23rd.
Seeking: Mary Lennox and Colin Craven. We are very interested in all ethnicities. Seeking young performers who are 12 years old or older who look to be 11 years old.
Mary Lennox
A girl who looks to be 11 years old.
The lead of the show.
A very strong singer who sings several songs by herself.
A young privileged British girl who has been raised in India by servants. She is sent to live in England with an uncle she’s never met after her parents die from cholera. She is quite the curious explorer, and she often finds herself in trouble. She is stubborn and always fights for what she believes in.
Colin Craven
A boy who looks to be 11 years old
Featured role
A good singer. Boy soprano. Must be comfortable singing by himself.
A young privileged British boy who has been raised in England by servants. He has spent his life in bed due to a heart condition. He is very stubborn and throws temper tantrums to get what he wants. He believes his father hates him for causing his mother’s death.
Again, we are very interested in all ethnicities.
Mary is the lead of the show, and she will be called to almost all of the rehearsals. Colin is a very important featured role, and he will be called to most of the rehearsals. They will both be asked to miss some school during the week before we open and for Wednesday and Thursday matinees. This is a big time commitment. We hope to double cast these roles.
We look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Young Performer Questionaire

Yes, please add my name to your list to be notified when PCPA is casting young performers.

Young Performer Information
Date of Birth

Parent or Guardian Information

900 E. Stowell, Santa Maria, CA
PCPA rehearsal studios and business offices are located on the south side
of the Columbia Business Center building, behind (just west of) Costco.

Q: What do I need to bring to the audition?
A: Prepare a one minute song. Bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. Wear comfortable clothes, you may be asked to learn a short section of a dance.

Q: How can I best prepare for the audition?
A: Become familiar with the play, you may be asked to read from the script.

Q: How long is a typical rehearsal period?
A: Rehearsals typically begin four weeks before the production opens.

Q: What hours do I have to be available for rehearsal?
A: Winter/Spring productions rehearse evenings from 6:30 to 10:30 pm and weekends from 1 – 5pm and 7 – 11pm. Summer productions rehearse afternoons from 1-5pm and evenings from 7-11pm. Special consideration is given to young performers and they are often given shorter calls. However, as the open date approaches, all actors will be required to be available for the entire rehearsal period.

Q: Do I have to be available for all rehearsals?
A: You must clear your personal schedule to be available for all rehearsal times. However, there are times you will not be called.

Q: Do I have to be available for all performances?
A: Yes. Unless the show is double cast or the director agrees to a pre-arranged absence.

Q: Do I get complimentary tickets for my friends and family?
A: One ticket per performance is allotted to an immediate family member or guardian. In addition, all company members are given two complimentary tickets per production.

Q: Is there any pay or compensation for my work?
A: No. You will receive credit in the program.

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