January 2020
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PCPA Presents
William Shakespeare's
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

The politically charged Julius Caesar bursts onto the Severson Theatre stage in Santa Maria, March 5 – 22. Set in Rome 44 BC, a group of conspirators, including Marcus Brutus, plan to assassinate Julius Caesar to prevent him from being elected as a monarch. Instead of preserving the republic, their act thrusts Rome into a civil war. The conflicts of alliance and patriotism are layered beneath their bloody deed.

Julius Caesar is a “play for today,” said Director Mark Booher. And while the play is inherently political, Booher said that more importantly, “it serves as a springboard for us to think about big ideas: power, honor, love and betrayal, sacrifice, and friendships on an epic scale. Shakespeare puts persuasive speech into action on stage in this play in a way that’s pretty remarkable. Even as someone who loves so many of his other plays this is incomparably powerful. You’ll turn a page and read a passage and it’s shocking how incredibly alive and contemporary this work is. You can’t help but be amazed by it,” Booher exclaimed.

The Julius Caesar creative team includes PCPA Resident Artists: Scenic Designer Abby Hogan, Costume Designer Eddy L. Barrows, Lighting Designer Jennifer ‘Z’ Zornow, Sound Designer Mitchel Hampton, Dramaturg Emily Trask, Fight Choreographer Peter S. Hadres and Stage Manager Laura Danek
The cast features Guest Artist Michael Tremblay as Julius Caesar, Resident Artists Yusef Seevers as Mark Antony, Andrew Philpot* as Caius Cassius, Peter S. Hadres* as Marcus Brutus, Emily Trask* as Portia, Katie Fuchs-Wackowski as Casca, George Walker as Titinius, and Leah Anderson* as Calpurnia.

Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeare’s history plays believed to have been first performed in 1599 and, with Romeo and Juliet, among his first tragedies. The play has attracted a plethora of leading actors over the years from Edwin Booth, Orson Welles, John Gielgud, and more recently Denzel Washington and David Morrisey. It has amassed a long list of television and film adaptations that further substantiate its popularity and universal themes.

Recommended for well-prepared children 12 years and older.

Prologues with members of the cast or artistic team begin 30 minutes prior to curtain and offer a glimpse into the artistic process of the show. They last approximately 15 minutes. Prologues are open to patrons before each performance beginning March 8.

Talkbacks with members of the cast, crew, and artistic team will discuss the show directly following the Friday performances of March 13 and 20.

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Just the Facts
What  Julius Caesar
When March 5 - 22, 2020

Severson Theatre, Santa Maria
GPS - 870 S. Bradley Rd.

Tickets $32.50 - $50.00
With discounts for Senior, Student, Child, Military,
and preview performances March 5 & 6.

Pricing based on day, time, and may increase upon demand.
Box Office  (805) 922-8313
Internet   www.pcpa.org

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