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Welcome from the Artistic Director and Managing Director

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The important thing about play making is that it happens in real time, in real relationship to the world around us. It's alive and therefore it cannot but respond to and be impacted by what's going on in the world around the artists and the audience.

We have had a summer and early autumn of 2017 with a good deal of travail - from devastations wrought by the natural world, to cataclysms brought about by the worst n humanity. These events seem to want to captivate our imaginations, make us hunker down, disconnect us.
The good that we do is more important now than ever - to stand up, to reach out, to connect; to speak for love and truth, to listen for healing and peace, to act with compassion and forgiveness. Now, when it's hardest. Now, when we're scared. Now, when we're tested.

We won't make space for the fear that wants to occupy our imaginations. Our ingenuity is already captive to making something magical for our community to gather around. A beautiful and fun story that implicitly and explicitly not only espouses, but actually develops empathy, understanding, connection, and caring. We choose to rise and do this work, and fill our 'now' with beauty, fill our minds with hope, fill our community with good. Playmaking is, in part, our way of fighting back against the darkness. Our activism is our art. It is our illuminating force, our gift to give, the only sword we will wield is the healing touch of our creativity - our mighty purpose.

This is why we do theatre. The end of our means, in matter and manner, is to educate, edify, illuminate. You are welcome here, enjoy the play.
Jennifer Schwartz

Managing Director
Mark Booher

Artistic Director/Associate Dean

PCPA dedicates the 54th season to Robert Jurgensen. Bob's community spirit, incisive mind, and business acumen, shared so generously through his decades of service as a founding member of the PCPA Foundation and in leadership of Solvang Theaterfest, have exemplified his passion for sustaining Pacific Conservatory Theatre in perpetuity. In honor of his foundational support and warm friendship - the bedrock upon which so much of the theater's good work has been built - all of us at PCPA dedicate our work this season to his honor.
Mission Statement

PCPA is a professional conservatory theatre, committed to reflecting and transforming our diverse community with the art of live theatre.

We believe that the theater has a vital role and responsibility in the community to enrich cultural literacy and improve the quality of life.

We commit to serving our current audience, cultivating our future audience and training the next generation of theatre professionals.

We aspire to adhere to the best theatrical traditions and to set new standards of excellent artistry, ethics, and professional practice for the future of the theatre.
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Box Office
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