Yusef Seevers - Resident Artist

Other Theatres: Trinity Shakespeare Festival (Fort Worth): Tybalt, Romeo and Juliet; Fabian, Twelfth Night; Greer Garson Theater (Dallas): Rosencrantz, Rosencrantz and Guildestern are Dead; Toby Belch, Twelfth Night; Candy Delany, And tell sad stories about the Deaths of Queens; Talbot, Mary Stuart; Mr. Morse, Hot L Baltimore; Orestes/ Talthybius, Iphigenia in Aulis and Taurus; Dallas Theater Center, Annette Strauss Square, Orestes, Electra; Margo Jones Theater: Orgon, Tartuffe; Graham, Saint Jones of the Stock Yard; Doctor, Hypochondria; Greer Garson Theater (Santa Fe): Agwe, Once on this Island; Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors; Father/Choreographer, Spring Awakening; Belize, Angels in America; Gerante, Scapin (Drected by Jon Jory)

Film/TV: National Heart Association Commercial; F.A.S.T.

Training: Bachelors of Fine Arts in Musical Theater, Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Masters of Fine Arts in Acting, Southern Methodist University

Teachers: Voice / Dialects II