Jeff Allen – Production Manager

PCPA (since 2008): Oversees the production budget & related departments at PCPA.

Other: Video Engineer for RDT Dance Company, Graphic Video Designer for various corporate events. Road/Production Manger, Hello Jerry! starring Jerry Herman. Production Manager, Sundance Theatre Program. Production Stage Manager, Celebrity Cruises. Producer for Jeffrey Berke Productions. Owner Blue Puzzle Productions, an event management and theatrical consulting company.

Training: BFA, University of Utah, with an emphasis in Stage Management.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe the journey is more important than the destination. How we get somewhere and who walks the path with us is critical. When you are creating theater and telling a story, the people around you can change how it happens. My hope is to provide our students and staff with an environment where the process is structured so they can focus on telling the story and learning the craft. Specifically from a management perspective this can develop through many channels. I believe that everyone should be able to ask why and expect an answer. We learn when we examine the reason or purpose behind the choices we make. I believe that as theater artists we succeed when we can think for ourselves. We try to teach so much in the two year program but at the end of the day if a student knows how to think for themselves and think through a problem we have succeeded. I also believe it is our job to help students find their path in or out of theater. The path of a theater career is not for everyone. Regardless of the career path a student finds, hopefully by teaching process and helping develop students to think for themselves they can take on whatever path they choose to follow.