Valerie Kline

Allan Hancock College Dance, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Dance, Cal Poly Pomona Theatre, Colorado State University Dance and Theatre, Colorado Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Santa Barbara Center Stage Theatre, Los Angeles Olio Theatre.

PCPA, Allan Hancock College, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cuesta College, Colorado State University, Children’s Creative Project Artist in Residence, local dance academies.

Courses Taught: Ballet I, II, Modern I, II, III, IV, Jazz I, II, Performance Skills, Dance Composition, Rhythms for Dancers, Modern Dance Repertory, Dance Appreciation, Dance Ensemble, Introduction to Dance, Pilates.

The level 1 Ballet course I teach for first year PCPA students is designed for students entering the program with little or no previous dance training. My goal is to provide a solid base of beginning ballet technique which will prepare students for their 2nd year work in jazz and musical theatre styles, while also providing them with a working knowledge of good alignment, core support, and movement efficiency which is applicable to other dance forms and non-dance specific movement as well.

I keep an open and supportive attitude in class, encouraging students not to be daunted by the difficulty of ballet technique, but to soak up what will be most valuable for them as actors. I use humor in class a great deal, in an effort to reduce the tension that can sometimes result from beginning study in such a precise and exacting form.  

As students gain technical expertise in dance through their first year of training, their ability to be dynamic and expressive with all movement increases.  And as they gain confidence in their ability to move as dancers, their sense of themselves as performing artists is augmented and enhanced. Witnessing this growth is one of the great joys of teaching for PCPA.