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Now accepting bookings for the touring production of

Francisco Jiménez'

The Circuit

Adapted for the stage by Leo Cortez

Available January 28 - March 13, 2020
Monday - Friday

Select the number of performances you are interested in booking:
The run time for The Circuit is approximately 45 minutes.
If you book more than a single performance, please allow an additional 20 minutes for actors to reset and take a water break between performances. If you opt for a Talkback with the actors after the show, please allow an additional 10 minutes to the run time.
Select a date and time for your booking.
Please note: If you are booking a single performance, we prefer you select the early morning slot so the actors have adequate travel time to another performance site.
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Not to exceed 350 each performance.
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Please provide the name of the person our Stage Manager should call to confirm our arrival one week before the booking date. This should also be the person that will greet our troupe when we arrive at your venue.
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Once the booking is logged, we will send you a contract with an information sheet which needs to be filled out, signed, and mailed back to us.

Our Stage Manager will call the contact person a week before the performance to confirm our anticipated arrival time and let you know of our needs for the performance.